This KM FEST - International Knowledge Management Festival is also the first strategic-development conference of the Competence Center ROBOFLEX, at the same time.

KM FEST represents one of the open innovation platforms of the global partnership, which is carried out under the umbrella of the international virtual living laboratory LENS Living Lab. The platform partners are regional KM FEST coordinators from Denmark, Greece, India, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and the USA. The most active partner comes from Denmark, where started first regional PM festivals.

We adopted and extended this concept of local events, and create a global network of events organizers, today recognized under the brand name KM FEST. The discussion themes are connected to industry 4.0 enabling technologies, emerging new business models and competencies, the industry-focused discussions, permanent search of collaborative innovation opportunities, and partnership in the organization of KM FEST events.


More information about the event you can find here.


More information about the event program you can find here.

Date: Monday, September 23, 2019