Figure 4 contains the elaboration of the Configure Manufacturing Task use case of Figure 1. This sub-scenario specifies the use of functionality for the configuration of a single manufacturing task. This takes place in the context of a work cell (at the bottom level of the IEC hierarchy picture, as shown below).


Figure 4: Configure manufacturing task scenario

The following remarks should be considered with the Configure Manufacturing Tasks scenario:

  • It is possible to configure a task in a hybrid way, i.e., use ‘Program Robot by Script’ and ‘Program Robot by Demo’ in a combined way.
  • The use case ‘Program Robot by Script’ should cover graphical specification of an execution script for a robot.
  • An execution script is a piece of data that is sent to a robot - it can result from various ways of specification (textual, graphical).
  • We do not include a separate use case for testing/validating scripts. Physical testing/validating is seen as an iteration of configuration and execution of a task. Analytical testing/validating is seen as part of programming a script.