The Technical University of Munich (TUM) Centre of Competence is located at the computer science department of Technical University of Munich, Garching Hochbruck campus.

The Technical University of Munich is a prime educational and research institute in Germany. The computer science department of the TUM is one of the best in Germany with its extensive collaborations with research institutes and industries alike. The Chair of Robotics and Embedded Systems at the TUM is a centre of excellence in robotics, with a successful track record in robotics research projects. The research focus of the department is on human robot interaction and service robotics, medical robotics, cognitive robotics, cyber physical and embedded systems.

List of equipment

  • HORSE framework
  • SAPARO tactile floor for enhanced safety (Depending on availability)
  • Collaborative robotic arm with a gripper – possibly two (e.g. KUKA/UR5/FRANKA, SCHUNK/FESTO/ROBOTIQ)
  • Logistic robot (e.g. ROBOTINO)
  • Industrial robotic arm (e.g. STÄUBLI/ABB)
  • 3D sensors (e.g. KINECT cameras, HOKUYU sensor)
  • computers for supervision and control
  • Video projector(s) for AR applications
  • Factory cell mock-up

List of services

  • Evaluation of new technologies: Experimenting, proof of concept and testing
  • Demonstration and experience of robotics in manufacturing
  • Consulting on robotics for factories
  • Assistance to technology transfer in the field of robotics
  • Knowledge exchange in workshops about robotics in manufacturing
  • Hands-on sessions on robotics
  • Market analysis for robotic technology


Investments foreseen

  • Cobot: KUKA LBR IIWA
  • SAPARO floor (Depending on availability)
  • RGB and/or RGB-D cameras
  • 2-Laser range finder
  • GPU based compute server
  • Factory cell construction material
  • Video projector(s)

Indicative use cases

  • Use cases needing arm motion in free space with no contact with the environment and with velocity constraints (position and speed control)
  • Use cases needing arm motion and involving contact with the environment and needing position and compliance
  • Use cases needing arm motion and involving contact with the environment (hybrid position and force control)
  • Use cases needing mobility (logistics)


The TUM Centre of Competence will be constructed and managed by personals that carry a lot of scientific and technology stimulation experience from ECHORD++ project. The people have established contacts with SMEs not only in Germany but throughout the EU. As an illustration, ECHORD++ project involves 31 experiments and each experiment involves 2-4 SMEs and Universities/Research institutes from the EU.  All these partners dedicate their efforts under ECHORD++ to utilize robotics in their respective industries.

Apart from ECHORD++, the department has historic collaborations with industries such as Siemens, Audi, BMW, FESTO etc. The department has also deep ties with institutes researching in Industry 4.0, such as FORTISS.

South Germany is a centre of many large scale industries, for example Adidas, Audi, BMW, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Linde, Daimler, BASF etc. There is a well-established eco system of suppliers to these large scale industries as well as individual “hidden champions” (world leader in their respective domain, unknown outside the domain) located in southern Germany. The major part of these SMEs is manufacturing companies which do not necessarily use robotics in their facilities due to the lack of know-how. The strategic location of TUM Competence Centre will benefit these SMEs. Additionally, since Munich is well connected by rail, road and air to the majority of European cities, the Competence Centre will be easily accessible and will help to stimulate growth of robotics in SMEs around the EU.