Slovenian Competence Centre on Robotics is related to human-robot co-manipulation. Robotics technology platform will include one robot arm for co-working tasks and corresponding equipment, tools, computers and software. Acquired know-how from the experiments with supporting solutions and services from the existing Centres of Competence (CEA, TNO and TUM) will be used, exploited, disseminated and extended by the regional business partners (manufacturing industry, R&D organizations, business associations etc.).

The ROBOFLEX Slovenia initiative developed and set up by this project will be used as a starting point for the further developments and growth of business activities on this field.


ROBOFLEX Slovenia is embedded and supported by the technology collaboration platform coordinated by LENS Living Lab. This platform represents the collaborative working environment to support open research and innovation efforts on the selected areas of ROBOFLEX Slovenia collaborative interests, supported by the appropriate organization of work and e-services. This platform has been established at this phase and is under construction. It is available to all HORSE project partners and other regional and international stakeholders on this link:


Integral part of the ROBOFLEX Slovenia will be the technology demonstration centre. The location of this centre will be in the company ETRA Ltd. where demonstrations of robotic technologies and solutions will be organized, where industry researchers and developers will have a collaborative workspace, and where people from the industry will have the opportunity to receive related industrial training. The objective will be to spread knowledge and know-how to the hands of end users and other interested parties. Demonstrations will be related to the Pilot Experiment 1: Human–robot co-manipulation. Robotics system will include one robot arm for co-working tasks and corresponding equipment, tools, computers and software.

ETRA Ltd existing alliances and resources

  1. ETRA Ltd strategic alliances, partnerships and connections from the field of robotics:
    1. Certified Siemens Solution Partner,
    2. Official system Partner of KUKA,
    3. Certified partner of ABB,
    4. Certified partner of FANUC,


  1. Software development environment:
    2. FANUK,
    3. KUKA,
    4. ABB,
    7. Open eVision etc.


  1. Available human resources in development department

28 engineers - electrical, automation, robotics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, informatics and mathematics.


  1. Facilities

The newly built facility owned by ETRA Ltd is at disposal for operations of the planned demonstration centre. There is 300 m2 of space available for demonstration centre operations with the possibility of extension up to 700 m2.  The location is strategically well positioned, it stands in the industrial zone near the highway and offers all the infrastructure needed.

The areas of commercial and development activities (see illustrated business case examples) are:

  1. Process and systems optimization for clients from different industries (automotive, metallurgy, wood, paper, polymers, energy, recycling, hospitals),
  2. Logistic systems (transport systems, smart autonomous warehousing systems, existing process optimization),
  3. Miscellaneous products and systems (measuring equipment, robot cells, SW applications, packaging lines, machine vision systems etc.)


Dissemination activities

Results of ROBOFLEX Slovenia will be exploited mainly through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, with main orientation on companies within mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, where a lot of challenges to exploit human-robot co-manipulation exist. Dissemination of ROBOFLEX Slovenia results will be organized through the channels of different international organizations e.g. LENS Living Lab, International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA) Manufuture, etc. as well as through the network of TCS partner clusters in Central European and Balkan countries.