HORSE “Pilots” were participating to the co-desing of the HORSE Framework. They were involved through the beginning of the project and they helped with their requirements and challenge to guide the HORSE framework development. They are complementary and diverse in order to demonstrate the capabilities of a variety of challenges faced by manufacturing industries covering the following tasks:

  1. robotic based quality (visual) inspection and human-robot co-manipulation in Spain,
  2. robot-human hybrid position/force control co-working applications in Poland,
  3. flexible assembly with mobile robot in in the Netherlands.

The industries selected are representatives of automotive, metal domains, to cover both those that have already adopted robotics and specific aim to address their shortcomings and those that are considered reluctant to invest in them.

The results of the early pilot feedback shows that the HORSE Framework and the specific applications that have been developed have provided good results and address well the targeted challenges.