Manufacturing Process Management with Robot Task Synchronization

On a factory global level, we design, enact and manage manufacturing processes which consist of a number of tasks performed by various types of agents. The assignment of a task to a robot is done though a message bus acting as a middleware. On the local work cell level, the task is modeled in every single detail necessary to trigger the movement of the robot. The synchronization between the global and the local level via the middleware for starting and completing robot tasks improves management of manufacturing processes.

MPMS demo video

View below a demonstration video of the MPMS (Manufacturing Process Management System) developed by the Technical University of Eindhoven for HORSE!

Workspace monitoring demo - Shared workspace

View below a demonstration video of the workspace monitoring developed by the FZI for HORSE!

Operator support with augmented Reality

View below a demonstration video of the robotic guided operator support with Augmented Reality developed by TNO for the HORSE project (TRI pilot case)


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