Region: Serbia


  • High Tech Engineering Centre
  • Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis
  • Mentors and Founders (ex SBAN)
  • Innovation centre School of Electrical Engineering
  • School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade


For years now ICT sector has been growing faster than the rest of the economy, making an increasing contribution to employment and exports. The number of economic entities using and dealing with IT in Serbia and Western Balkans is also growing. On the global market, IT companies from Serbia are mainly engaged in the outsourcing of software development, testing software, designing and realization of information systems and web applications, and providing solutions in embedded industry. The main markets for outsourced industry are Western and Northern Europe, UK and USA. There is a recognized trend among outsourcing companies from Serbia to try and make their own products that have high export value on foreign markets.

The aim of HUBTECS is to introduce I4MS-based technologies (such as CPS, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics), processes and services to companies and research institutions in Serbia and Western Balkans. This would particularly affect IT companies, providing them knowledge and skills to expend their area of expertise.


Use cases:

  • Analysis and monitoring robotic systems and automatic control systems for distillation systems
  • Control, surveillance and remote robot programming on smart devices, regardless of the user’s location
  • Increase of automatization and modernization of SMEs
  • Increase of safety of workers, robots and drones by tracking their movement in safety areas, construction sites, chemical factories

Involved stakeholders: