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Region: Valencia - SPAIN

The Valencian Community is an autonomous community of Spain located in central and south-eastern Iberian Peninsula. Its capital and the largest city is Valencia. The region is divided into three provinces – Alicante, Castellσn and Valencia – and 34 counties.


  • Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Including two Research Groups: Automatic Control [Ai2] specialized in Robotics Centre On production Management & Engineering [CIGIP] specialized in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) & Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Spanish platform of traditional manufacturing sectors.

Represented formally by its technical secretariat (AIJU, the Research Association of toy industry and related)

  • Institute for Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • The FundingBox Group TFBG.


HUB-4-MANUVAL aims at developing a feasibility study for the creation of a Regional Hub that will stimulate the uptake of Robotics and CPS/IoT by Valencian manufacturing SMEs and MidCaps.

The HUB will support manufacturing companies in order to be more competitive, prioritizing SMEs in the manufacturing sectors of relevance at Regional Level, which are Ceramic, Furniture, Textile, Footwear, Toys and Food.


Use cases:

  • Andreu Worl S.A. (Furniture)
  • Jover S.A. (Textil)
  • Dulcesa S.L. (Food)

Involved stakeholders:

  • 7 regional research Centres of reference in the sectors and technologies prioritized
  • 4 sectorial clusters
  • 4 professional organisations