10 HORSE factories in 8 countries have been deploying the HORSE framework, in two stages:

Stage 1: The 3 pilot factories (Poland, Spain, Netherlands) have been involved in the project from the beginning. They have provided requirements and have helped to design the HORSE framework. Innovative and challenges cases have been defined which depict real issues faced by the factory digitization strategies. The HORSE components have been designed and developed to support these challenges. They have been integrated and demonstrated in real-life environments within the factory floors. This is HORSE ambition lead it beyond the State-of-the-art where the factory case studies have been developed and demonstrated in lab environments. This ambition put additional challenges for compliance with safety requirements and beyond simple demonstration. Significant KPIs have been proposed and measured.

Stage 2: The selection of 7 additional manufacturing SMEs has been initiated at the middle of the HORSE project, when the Framework and its components have quite advanced. The factories SMEs have been supported by RTOs or integrators to adopt the HORSE framework, extend it with new components and deploy it to demonstrated how to increase flexibility, address existing pains in the factory floor and foster further digitization steps. SME factories from Poland, Italy, Croatia, Portugal (2), Belgium and Germany have been involved. 

This process provided feedback on the components use. An exploitation workshop was held to support the experiments to develop concrete business plans for the further maturation or commercialization of their technologies in combination with HORSE framework.