HORSE has been the frontrunner project within the I4MS initiative in the establishment of the Network of Digital Innovation hubs in European regions. A network of 47 organisations have been set up, share technologies and business objectives and together promote HORSE Framework an concepts in Europe.

The 14 HORSE technical partners.

The 5 HORSE Innovation Hubs have been established during the project as well known, outreaching hubs. They have followed a transformation program which included technical and business transformation to:

  • develop their technologies and knowledge to demonstrate HORSE framework and its technologies
  • design a portfolio of service offerings that promote HORSE services and other complementary services to simplify usage and facilitate access to robotics by European industry and especially first users SME
  • establish strong connections in their regions with entities and organisations that may support, supply or benefit by this technologies.

A visit to the websites of the particular HORSE Innovation hubs pages will confirm the successful completion of this objective.

The 5 Digital Innovation Hubs in manufacturing have been cooperating with HORSE project to establish themselves and develop feasibility studies for their further journey in their regions.

The 10 factories have provided their requirements and challenges for the HORSE cases.

The 13 partners that supported the implementation of the HORSE experiments.


Digital Innovation Hubs for Manufacturing

HORSE Digital Innovation Hubs