The FZI Research Center for Information Technology Competence Centre is located at FZI House of Living Lab in Karlsruhe.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology is a research institution that provides demanding technology transfer and networks between business and science. Working independently of individual manufacturers and suppliers, FZI researchers investigate markets, technologies and methods on demand and develop prototypical solutions. The research focus of the Living Lab Service Robotics department is on perception, navigation, mobile and flexible manipulation, modular software architecture, human-machine interaction, field and service robotics.


The FZI Centre of Competence is part of the FZI House of Living Labs, a highly innovative lab environment focused on technology transfer and outreach to industry. This environment generates many contacts from industry, research, education and politics.

One of the founding goals of FZI is to make innovative research results available to SMEs. This allows SMEs to leverage new technologies and to stay at the forefront of developments like Industry 4.0.

As an extension of the FZI Living Lab Service Robotics the CoC benefits from longstanding industry and research partnerships:

  • with Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT)
  • with industry partners like OEMs, robot manufacturers and global logistics partners.
  • with many SMEs, e.g. in the KolRob project on collaborative  robot applications

List of Equipment

  • HORSE framework
  • Universal Robots  UR10 and UR5 arms
  • Kuka KR Agilus KR 10 R900 sixx,
  • Schunk Powerball Lightweight Arm LWA 4P
  • Franka Emika Panda
  • Fanuc 710ic/45m Industrial Robot
  • Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper
  • Weiss WSG 50 and WSG 25 grippers
  • SCHUNK PH70 and EPG grippers
  • SCHUNK SVH 5-finger hand
  • qb SoftHand 5-finger hand
  • Fetch Robotics Freight Robot
  • Clearpath Robotics Ridgeback Omnidirectional Platform
  • 3D sensors (e.g. Kinect, RealSense Cameras, Roboception stereo camera, rotating Hokuyo sensors)
  • OptiTrack IR-marker-based high accuracy, low delay 3D tracking  solution
  • Force/Torque sensors
  • HTC Vive for VR applications
  • Microsoft HoloLens and video projector for AR applications
  • Embedded GPU Hardware




List of Software

  • HORSE framework
  • FZI Motion Pipeline framework providing fast trajectory teaching and execution control on the ROS platform
  • GPU Voxels 3D environment exploration, collision avoidance and path planning framework
  • ICL libraries simplifying software development for multiple target platforms
  • OptiTrack Motive live 3D tracking  software

List of Investments Foreseen

  • Additional industrial and collaborative robots will be added in the future
  • Innovative vision sensors

List of Services

  • Contract research and development
    • Robotics research and development for small and medium-sized enterprises
    • Planning and conceptual design of joint projects at national and international levels
    • Development of innovative robotic solutions and pilots
    • Support in product development from design to prototype 
  • Scientific analyses and consulting
    • Analysis of technologies
    • Feasibility studies
    • Market potential and product opportunities
    • Product and service concepts
    • Design and evaluation 
  • Workshops and trainings
    • ROS, ROS-Industrial and ROS 2.0 trainings
    • Innovation workshops