Region:  Croatia


  • Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla's
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing's – University of Zagreb
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy


Since the innovation and entrepreneurial capacities in the field of robotics are still unused at the global level, even more in Croatia, the main aim of CROBOHUB is to become a key Croatian institution to support development of new products and services in the field of robotics, which will be achieved through close cooperation with the research institutions, business support institutions and businesses operating in the field of robotics and other technologies and scientific areas that may contribute to the development and application of advanced robotic systems in manufacturing.

CROBOHUB will make a significant contribution to the development of high-tech industry in Croatia in a short term and in the Western Balkans in a long term through strong existing research foundation and development of innovation. The vision of CROBOHUB is to become an EU leading competence centre in the area of robotics in the Western Balkans.


Use cases:

  • HSTech (robot system manufacturer)
  • HRID-NDT (robot system manufacturer)

Involved stakeholders: