Paris Saclay Competence Centre is constructed on top of the Paris-Saclay RIF. The Paris-Saclay RIF has been set up during the FP7 ECHORD++ project and is dedicated to robotics. The RIF provides a set of robotics equipment usable for feasibility studies and demonstration in a large number of application domains including Healthcare (rehabilitation, surgery, assistive robotics), Manufacturing, Logistics, Security, Transport, Intervention in Hazardous environment, Agro industries (food processing), Field robotics.

List of robotics equipment

  • One highly transparent robot SYBOT usable as collaborative robots or as a telerobotic slave robots


  • One HAPTION haptic device usable as a master arm for teleoperation
  • STAUBLI RX90L and TX90XLTX90 6-axis industrial robot for tele-operation or hybrid command (force and position control)


  • One A6.15 RB3D 7 DOFs collaborative robot


  • One COBOMANIP from SARAZIN technology – collaborative robot for assistance to load handling


  • One Artemis AGV (automated driverless vehicles) from BA system for intra logistics


  • One KUKA arm IIWA
  • One YUMI from ABB
  • One UR10 from Universal Robotics
  • VR platform for virtual prototyping and training for industrial applications
  • One 3D TV equipped with a real time simulation environment for physical interactions.
  • One high performance 7 degrees of freedom upper limb exoskeleton ABLE from HAPTION
  • One KINOVA 6 DOF JACO robot equipped with a 3 fingers gripper and mounted on a ROBOSOFT ROBULAB 10 mobile platform for feasibility tries

List of software

  • XDE interactive multi-physics simulation software runtime licences. XDE is a software suite developed at CEA since more than 12 years and featuring interactive multi-physics simulation of multibody systems, rigid and (simply) deformable objects and contacts as well as a biomechanical digital human able to interact with its environment. Composed of different modules (XDE Physics, X-Fitting, X-Robotics, X-Ergonomics), XDE has applications in Virtual Prototyping, ergonomic studies, maintenance in virtual and mixed reality, training to dexterous gestures, robotics and cobotics simulation
  • TAO (Computer Assisted Telerobotics) runtime licences. TAO is a telerobotics controller developed at CEA since more than 20 years and featuring force feedback master/slave control, robotics trajectory control, Cartesian/joint position control, virtual Mechanisms, position/force homothetic setting, gripper pursuit with camera, 3D graphical supervisor.
  • SCORE 3D supervisor runtime licences
  • AVISO assistive robotics programming environment Entail
  • HORSE framework

List of services

  • Advices on the management of intellectual property rights
  • Assistance to technology transfer
  • Advices on how to deal with ethical, legal and societal issues in robotics
  • Knowledge exchange workshops on robotics related issues
  • Robotics experimenting, testing and proof of concept
  • Training on various types of robots

Investments foreseen

  • Sensors for safety
  • Vision sensors (ROBOCEPTION)
  • Conveyors
  • Devices for quality control

Indicative use cases

  • Use cases needing arm motion in a free space with no contact with the environment and with velocity constraints (position and speed control): painting, welding,
  • Use cases needing arm motion and involving contact with the environment and needing position and compliance: insertion, bolting, grasping, bin picking,
  • Use cases needing arm motion and involving contact with the environment and needing hybrid position and force control : polishing, finishing, trimming, deadhead removal and cutting
  • Use case needing arm motion and involving contact with the environment and needing force control: Force amplification and chiselling
  • Use case needing mobility: logistics


The Paris Saclay Competence Centre is connected to two national initiatives about ICT for manufacturing in France (automotive, aeronautics, ship building, etc.).

  • The platform FLOR in the East region in France. This platform located near Metz is in development. It will be inaugurated in October 2016
  • The platform Factory Lab in the Paris region will be inaugurated in September 2016

Both platforms have a more downstream activity than the Paris Saclay Competence Centre.